Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chinese Rubberband TYPO

The Chinese Rubberband typo was designed by Hong Kong designer Che ManChing.
Here is what he had to say about this project:
“Years passed, Hong Kong experienced different storms. However, Hong Kong is still a prosperous economic country in the world. People in Hong Kong enjoy freedom in different aspects, and Hong Kong is still the ideal place to live for most of Hong Kong people. Just because we have been united together in Hong Kong through every storm.
My design chose five of the storms in Hong Kong at different times, such as; “SARS, economic recession in Hong Kong, we get through it with the spirit of never give up, Hong Kong people share the hard times together.” ,”1st of July, a million people took to the streets to defend our freedom of speech, united to fight for our freedom.”
Thanks to all Hong Kong people, who having a resilient and “never say die” spirit.

The generous design concept is to use “rubber band” to represent Hong Kong people can bend and can stretch. Use of rubbers in different colors interweaving the five key words of the five storms, expressing Hong Kong people united as one, regardless of good times and bad, are holding the resilient spirit. Hong Kong is our pride.”

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