Monday, June 28, 2010

Darwin chair by Stefan Sagmeister

"The Darwin chair utilizes a free swinging structure that includes about 200 sheets of attached prints. As the top sheet gets dirty or tired, the user can simply rip it off thereby transforming the chair’s appearance (and the remaining perforation eventually forms a comfortable head rest).
All sheets are printed with intricate patterns abstracting the creation of the universe, making their way through the creation of the world, the beginning of plant, animal and human life, all the way to the digital revolution.
Developed and produced by Grenswerk." {via}

Yugoslavian Stamp

A little stamp from my former country. 

amazing illustrations by laura laine

I am so in love with amazing illustrations by Laura Laine. You can check out more on here website

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stephen Doyle's dollar bill illustrations

Through The New York Times Sunday Book Review, I've rediscovered the striking illustration work of Stephen Doyle. He recently created a series of four beautifully defaced American dollar bills which accompany book reviews for money-related titles. 

Poor little trees

Made by Steven Burke with Acrylic on dead wood, variable dimensions.
South West of France, they don’t exist anymore. {via}

Alice In Wonderland" Poster by Olly Moss

Based on Lewis Carroll's insanely popular book, this is a 16" x 24" screenprint, signed/numbered in an edition of 192.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another twist on matryoshka doll

Nesting dolls painted by Canadian designer Audrée Lapierre. {via}

Bird Pot house

Bird Pot is the very first coffee pot bidhouse ever. Looks a little bit like it can be found in Alice's wonderland. By Kathrin Jilg. {via}

Minimal stylish bike basket

newspaper sculpture

Perfect way to recycle old newspapers. Queens born artist Nick Georgiou creates sculptures of old newspapers and then deposits them in random locations around the city. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Duplex Workspace

If you get tired of your surrounding and want some privacy Sophie Kirkpatrick came up with perfect solution. 

World Cup poster for easy score tracking

David Watson of Trebleseven's colorful 2010 World Cup poster has given the official World Cup poster a new life! This 'antidote to the newspaper wall charts and pull outs' is for Soccer Aid, a British charity that raises money for Unicef.

Art of McSweeney's book and dust jacket

The Art of McSweeney's book in hand (pub 6/23). The new monograph from Chronicle Books brings together the art and design across the McSweeney's brands in a coffee-table book format. As a retrospective of the independent publisher's 11th or 12th anniversary, there is a focus on the cover designs for their books and Quarterly Concern journals through 2009, but there are also sections highlighting the illustrations for the Wolphin DVDs, and The Believer magazine. Aside from imagery ranging from sketches to finished product, commentary and interviews are intermixed throughout. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Draw More

Draw More T-shirt from talented illustrator Rose Blake.

Amazing Paper Art part 1

Growing up in Hong Kong, Bovey Lee felt a special connection to the ancient craft of paper-cutting that was a part of her heritage. She chose to modernize it in order to elevate the craft and reflect China’s history; all the while telling stories of its current struggles and survival. Her obscenely intricate and yet effortlessly precise works are intended to engage her contemporary audience in political discourse to raise concern for the side effects of rapid urbanization. {via}

Bike poster by Barrel

Four rich colors screen printed by hand on off-white 100# French Paper. Edition of 50, signed and numbered. 18” x 24”. buy it here.


Beautifully crafted business cards for Sandra Boils by MentaGrafica.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tie me up, tie me down

Johan Ku’s “Emotional Sculpture” takes chunky knits to an extreme. Based in London, Ku takes hand-knit and crochet techniques and blows them up in scale, creating a new form of homespun wizardry that depicts the wilder side of fashion.{via}

Origami Jewelry Out of Banknotes

Tine De Ruysser’s artfully folded origami necklaces and bracelets—made from actual banknotes. 

Tree Hooked Hanger