Friday, March 26, 2010

Evian Packaging by Paul Smith

British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith philosophy is about colors, full of energy and fun. “Youth is a question of attitude,” he says. Sir Paul designed an understated, limited edition Evian bottle, accented with his personal statement—famous vibrant stripes to echo Evian’s slogan, “Live Young”. {via}

clock in a jar

Clock in a jar by Oren Hetzroni. From The Designer | “My clock in a jar was inspired by the childhood memories of capturing insects in a jar. At first glance the ticking movement of the hands of the clock attracts your eye as a flap of a butterfly’s wing. The contained clock, time ticking away enclosed in a jar, resembles the manner in which a child attempts to trap nature and contain it within his grasp”.- Oren Hetzroni {via}

cut deck art

Struan Teague has created these pieces by painting and trimming used skateboard decks. From Struan | “The inspiration for the project was the various people I’ve met whilst skating the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. Not just other skaters but all sorts of interesting characters, even people living on the streets. I thought a good way of relating these portraits to my own experiences was by painting my old decks.” Explore more about the artist at his blog.

Camila Barreto

Tissue & tape collages by Camila Barreto. Anything minimal, but with a strong sense of texture gets me every time. {via}

Felt Laundry Basket

Robust and stable this laundry basket made from high quality wool felt in many colors. Buy it here.

needle case

Walkcollection's needle case - for circular knitting needles - made of felt and Marimekko cotton. {via}

Fire Lamp

Bordslapan Fire Lamo: a playful lamp designed by 5.5 Designers for Skitsch. Childish and stylish at the same time, love it! {via}

Thursday, March 18, 2010

moleskine: the hand of the designer

moleskine introduces 'the hand of the designer', a collection of 462 reproductions
of hand made sketches by 150 internationally recognized designers, including
Bouroullec brothers, Michael graves, Hella Jongerius, Karim Rashid, and many others. More info here.

The Type-Cube

The Type-Cube made of vat paper consists of eight movable cubes, which are connected together. A fragment of a letter is engraved on each side of the cubes. Turning the cubes in different directions several combination are offered. The right fragments show the whole letter.
A haptic attraction is given by the embossed edges of the letters and the handmade paper. {via}

“Treehugger” Art Print on Wood by Us & Them

Us & Them Studios have made an awesome new art print on wood. “Treehugger” is an 11″ x 14″ screen-print, has an edition of 10, and is $100. Pick one up in the Classifieds.

DUMPER truck

A toy truck not just for kids.
Made of solid beech and an off-the-shelf plastic stacking box every DIY enthusiast will know.
Plastic Box available in a selection of colors. Buy it here.

Amazing Photography by Mary Kuzmenkova

More of here beautiful photography can be found here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bear Hunter

Vintage Persian carpet reformed as bear.

Dogs as typefaces.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stephen King Posters

Illustrator Nick Tassone's elegantly disturbing screen prints interpret the King of horror's classic flicks

Tattooing One Dot for Every Casualty

Artist Wafaa Bilal will soon be getting a tattoo that contains 1 dot [] for every casualty associated with Operation Iraqi Freedom. The full-back tattoo will be applied during a 24 hour performance on March 8th in conjunction with a fundraiser aimed at collecting $1 per death towards scholarships for Americans and Iraqis who lost their parents in the war. Kyle McDonald designed the visualization for this remarkable tattoo, which contains more than 4.000 US soldiers in red ink, and more than 100.000 "invisible" civilians depicted in ultraviolet ink.
The process of visualizing the data involved a lot of research, including reconciling plain text descriptions containing GIS place names, warping the geographic coordinates to design for the landscape of the back, and distributing the deaths in an organic but respectful way. {via}

Saul Bass- Advice to Design Students

The Human Body as Subway Map

Sam Loman [] created an original take on illustrating the inner structure and workings of the human body as the tight intertwining of different systems (e.g. arterial, digestive, musculetal, respiratory, etc.), by way of a subway map metaphor. {via}

Friday, March 12, 2010


Nice portfolio from Lowman.

miller goodman blocks

PlayShapes is a modular set of 74 geometric wooden shapes which can be endlessly arranged or stacked to produce hundreds of 3D creations. The smooth shapes, with flashes of colour are pleasingly crafted in rubberwood which can also be used as drawing templates. The intrinsic simplicity of the product and clarity of design, freely allows children and adults alike to fully engage in the wonderment and joy of the creative process.

Janet Halverson Book Covers

Great book covers that Jane from Lox Papers put together. They’re all by designer Janet Halverson whose work graced many a tome from the 70s-90s. {via}

Sign Language for all purposes

Sign Language, Nat Russell. {via}

Sans Merci Font

Get it here.

Black Magic

The top of the pops produce for Small Gully, by wine maker Stephen Black. This limited edition wine represents the best of the Small Gully range and a wine personally developed by the mysterious Mr. Black. The concept was to produce a simple hand written, almost home made package, as if the wine maker had scratched the details of the wine into the bottle himself. A beautiful imported glass bottle was chosen that Mash then had laser etched. The words
actually cut into the surface of the glass giving a great tactile and very raw feel. Something that screen printing could not achieve. The result was a cross between contemporary luxury and
personalized roughness.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plant Cup

Anyone can feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland with this oversized Plant Cup. Planter in the shap of a giant cup and saucer. Made from glazed earthenware. The cup has a drainage hole at the bottom. Buy it here.

Fono Lamp

A convienient handle makes it easy to change the direction of light from this lamp. Table light made from rolled and powder-coated mild steel.

deer coat hanger

Wall-mounted coat-hanger made of powder-coated 8mm steel wire. Buy it here.

iPhone Eco case

Approx. 3.25"×5". Exterior- 100% recycled PET felt in kelly green. Interior – 100% recycled PET felt in dark gray. Fits all Apple iPhones. Business card pocket on back exterior. Buy it here.

Duo Bookshelf

The Duo bookshelf has a particular way of holding your books by creating an illusion of lightness. buy it here.

perpetual necklace - custom number

1. ageless: continuing forever or indefinitely
2. occurring repeatedly; so frequent as to seem endless and uninterrupted

an absolutely timeless piece. an upcycled necklace made from the numbers of a vintage flip clock.

pendant measures 1" × 1" and the numbers are carried by an 18" charcoal gunmetal chain (style of chain may vary from necklace to necklace, but if you have a preference, let me know).

choose your number:

1-12 AM
1-12 PM

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Game Boy Pillow

Geeky home accessories are the best! I've always loved my Game Boy, and I absolutely love this Game Boy cushion by Soft Machines, which makes custom pillows for geeks. Buy it here (€99-$134). {via}

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Critter Creatures

Bholu is the work of Australian designer Jodie Fried. The Bholu philosophy is about creating beautiful products that we love and live with, while benefiting communities we work with along the way. Bholu products are brought to life by traditional artisans from rural and urban communities in India. Each piece is individually hand embroidered or handwoven using ancient techniques, giving each product its own unique and original personality. By using their traditional skills, the artisans gain an income, hence independence and opportunity as well as keeping a traditional craft alive.

Part of the proceeds from the collection go back to the Bholu Anganwadi Project which has now built a total of 8 pre schools with Architects Without Frontiers Australia, in underprivileged communities and have several more under construction, which provides over 280 impoverished children with love, education and a nutritious meal. Bholu is proudly a Fair Trade and Climate Neutral Company and operates with social and environmental responsibility. Buy it here.

Wood Wallet

Wood Wallet uses a credit card as a lid for a small chamber for money bills and coins.
It has room for 4 cards on top of each other. Optional wood types: Maple, Oak and Beech.

How to Transform Your Hoodie into a Computer Sleeve.

A hoodie is not just a hoodie. In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object, a new thing. Rather we need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around us.

Just undo it is a collection of reversible objects that could be made from a hoodie at no cost, no particular knowledge nor tools. See how to videos here.

Instructions about how to make a computer sleeve were published in the last issue of WIRED Italia. {via}

Bottle Opener Cufflinks

your alcoholic escapades often take you beyond the land of seedy bars and into black tie dinners with the rich and obviously miserable, be sure to grab a pair of Bottle Opener Cufflinks ($50). Made from polished stainless steel, these interesting accessories are subtle enough to blend in with an upscale crowd — although you're probably not being as sneaky as you think if you're drinking Bud Ice straight from the bottle. Use a glass, savage. {via}

Monday, March 8, 2010

Paul Octavious' Book Collection

Paul Octavious' Book Collection... beautiful numbers! {via}

Haiti Awareness

As patriotic Americans, it is hard for most to relate to something of such magnitude when it hasn't happened to us. By comparing historic U.S. event death totals to Haiti's devastating lost, one can better understand that Haiti truly needs our help. The death total from all seven U.S. events is 126,592 people. The death total in Haiti has now been estimated to each over 300,000 with more than 200,000 bodies collected on the streets without counting those that are still under the rubble.

concrete notebook

Alexis Oehler has a weakness for cool concrete and gives rise to his label, concrete products, the various products of this versatile material. The note concrete combines a small concrete block with 200 sheets for taking notes. Recorded by a conventional wing nut is part of the paper, even replaced, if it is time spent. Incidentally, there are also a lot of concrete products for concrete beautiful furniture in all imaginable variations. {via}

unpublished type treatments

Triboro Leftovers is a compilation of unpublished type treatments, photos, sketches, illustrations and logo explorations that we have created over the years. Rather than allow these to remain lost on our hard drives we decided to set them free. We mashed together elements from hundreds of different projects—and in the process—deliberately stripped the elements of their original context and meaning. The results are visual remixes which stand on their own. {via}