Tuesday, April 27, 2010



SSUReal From the Cradle to the Grave is a 6-inch, matte black vinyl skull featuring gold chrome-plated ABS teeth, articulated jaw, and a unique, embossed sylvan pattern covering the entire surface of the cranium. Also features a gold embossed Kidrobot x SSUR logo on the base of the skull.
Ruslan Karablin, better known as SSUR, has been a constant presence in NYC's downtown art scene for almost fifteen years. His body of work encompasses a combination of pop culture, music, Russian cultural influences, and the evolutionary iconography of the 20th century.
Kidrobot Black toys are created especially for Kidrobot's most devoted fans and collectors and each toy is produced as a super-limited run.{via}

Get Inspired with a Colorful Sketchbook

A far cry from that snazzy Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper you had as a kid, and definitely not some boring faux-leather ledger, these beautiful sketchbooks, notebooks and office supplies deliver color in a surprising way. Definitely gets me excited to start a new project! {via}

Tweet - for love notes

 Everybody loves to get a note from a loved one! For sure if it comes in this way...

In this time of "twittering" it will be a great gift to tell someone something in the "old (romantic) way". Another great plus - it's environmentally friendly!

The product is laser-cut from different metal leftovers. "tweet" is made from 3 to 5 mm stainless steel or aluminum. You can not choose! On ordering/buying you will get what kind of leftovers our supplier has been recycling. {via}

The $0.69 iPad Stand

Andrew Devigal (multimedia editor at New York Times) has found an affordable iPad stand solution: An Office Depot Business Card holder. $0.69 a piece. {via}


This beautiful ring is made out of solid brass. It equally stylish and can be used as weapon in self defense. You can get one here, for $210.00

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Merkled Pot Rack

The Merkled Pot Rack is made from salvaged steel loom ends collected from a weaving company 10 blocks from the Merkled studio. Each piece is unique in its organic form and is powder-coated for durability. The Merkled Pot Rack can hold the lightest whisk to the heaviest cast iron skillet.

Available in ice blue, burnt orange, and white.

Merkled Pot Rack: $150

Japanese Stationery from UGUiSU

Japanese stationery shop, UGUiSU has really interesting products and loads of those fancy-pants masking tapes everyone (myself included) is in love with. Via Man Made Lakes.

Knitted Letters


Moooi – Blown Away Vase

The Dutch are known by Moooi, new thinking to have. The draft of the "Blown Away Vase" from front design meets this requirement perfectly. From the classic, with Holland motifs painted porcelain vase is a design object of art approach.

Samuel Treindl - Concrete and wood

Sustainable product design meets creative use of everyday resources and encourages them to combine what we already have. Since all objects are made by hand, are all unique pieces - error are quality. The entire collection was created during a fellowship in design Bremerhaven.

Canvasco - Urban Laptop

Canvasco laptop cases made from used sails. They come in in standard size 13 to 17 inches.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nick Deakin Design

 Fun limited-edition shirts from UK based designer-illustrator extraordinaire Nick Deakin

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPad - Stands

After Apple has placed the iPad is already on the American market and in the coming days and in Europe is so active, it's raining formally iPad accessories. As always, not everything is really pretty, what emerges uttered them. In case one element but has made some nice thoughts to Them, and the result goes by the name "joule". The iPad is CNC-stand simply and works perfectly convincing. Use opportunities are in any case in sufficient numbers