Saturday, July 3, 2010


Peter Callesen

Most recently, Peter Callesen has designated plain white A4 paper his medium of choice for its simplicity and familiarity. He makes work that relates to the average person, who, most likely, receives and shares information on those very same white sheets. His works have evolved into installations of a much larger scale, but his paper cuts in every size focus on both the image protruding from the paper, as well as the shadow space left by that image. The two parts, positive and negative, are created to foil each other, and reflect Callesen’s reoccurring themes of tragedy and romanticism.

Chris Natrop

Unlike may cut paper artists, Chris Natrop employs a technique he likes to call “knife drawing.” All his cut paper works are created in a stream of consciousness style, with no pre-drawing whatesoever. Working with enormous sheets of drawing paper, most of his works are large-scale. Many comprise of room-size installations, in which he manipulates light and video projections to play up shadows, and create immersive environments. via

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