Saturday, March 6, 2010

we are so good together

"I first put these words to paper through wood type and letterpress a couple years back, after a breakup. The print was just for myself—a half-hearted joke about the bond between a guy and the paper that hangs on his wall. It hung in my workspace in Brooklyn for some time.

One day, an incidental photograph of my studio with the print barely visible in the background was posted somewhere on the internet. That afternoon, I received an email from a young lady in Finland who wanted desperately to give the print to her fiance. I let her know that I would look for a proof and see what I could do. To my surprise, the emails have kept coming in and I have since produced and sent this print to folks all over the world.

The letterpress editions made for 20x200 mark the first time this print has been produced in a numbered edition. This is also the first time I've printed the type in a color other than blue. And, this is the last run for this print, ever."
by Dylan Fareed
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