Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my designs got stolen

After reading the post on Designer Daily about what to do when your design is stolen, I noticed that my client to be Marina Abramovic Institute's website was completely re-designed without my knowledge (which I don't mind). Hey if somebody wants to go cheaper, it's their decision (cheaper price, cheaper look), but what really bathers me is that few pages that I designed and sent them as a mock up are completely stolen. They just changed few things here and there, but the design overall looks the same.
I don't think so that institution carrying the name of such prominent artist like Marina Abramovic should do things like this.
The top 2 pages are stolen designs and the bottom pages are the one that I sent as a mock up.

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Root Creative said...

We understand how you feel, the same thing happened to us. We couldn't believe it, it was practically pixel for pixel! Have a look - http://www.rootcreative.co.uk/blog/my-website-design-has-been-stolen/